Emergency Traffic


Will 911 ETA work with any Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system?
911 ETA can be programmed to download data from any CAD system using geo-coding based on latitude/longitude coordinates.

What programming will 911ETA require?
Each department will submit a list of their “Nature Codes” along with a rating of 1-5 based on the probability of each “code” creating traffic congestions. 911ETA will convert and pass that data to navigation providers.

Will the dispatchers have to designate each responding emergency vehicle to the GPS mapping?
No. The proprietary software application will designate each unit based on the Nature Code entered by the dispatcher.

Will the system work everywhere?
The system depends on cellular network availability. The system may not be fully functional in some rural areas where cellular towers are not readily available.

Will the system display emergency vehicles when they are not responding?
No. The system will only display units “assigned” to respond to an emergency by the dispatcher.