Stream live data at preset intervals set by each agency to GPS, smartphones, and PND.

911ETA displays only responding vehicles approaching from all directions.

The vehicle GPS screen would shift from daytime to nighttime mode to get drivers' (deaf and people with hearing loss) attention. Plus it would give a verbal warning “caution emergency vehicle approaching." Smartphones and PND's (personal navigation devices) would have the option of programming an extended vibrate mode (25 continuous seconds) for deaf and people with hearing loss.


The systems displays individual Icons for each agency allowing the system to reroute traffic around emergency scenes congested with emergency vehicles. The system would not show stopped emergency vehicles at location, but would show a roadblock as needed.

911ETA Displays

  • Live data streaming to GPS, smartphones, and PND's notification of approaching responding emergency vehicles in real-time
  • Travel direction of responding units
  • Visual, audible, & vibrate alert options
  • Fire, police, and ambulance icons
  • Emergency scene re-routing