Why 911ETA?        When a siren isn't enough.

Responding emergency vehicle accidents are a direct result of many serious injuries and fatalities for emergency personnel and the motoring public.

microDeaf and people with hearing loss: This under served group is at a great disadvantage when it comes to responding emergency vehicle notification.

Vehicles’ distracters: radio (new cars have 10+ speakers), cd player, cell phone, other passengers, pets, etc.

Vehicle insulation has increased in the last 10 years to keep road and engine noise away from drivers and passengers. This also keeps sirens and air horns from alerting us of approaching responding emergency vehicles.

Today we are more dependent on our vehicles than ever before, thereby increasing the amount of greenhouse gases released to the environment.

By leveraging GPS technology with our proprietary software application we will be able to inform the motoring public of “responding” emergency vehicles as they approach us.

911ETA shares responding emergency vehicles locations with other emergency agencies (fire, police, ambulance).


The system alerts the motoring public within a ¼, ½ mile etc. designed specifically to city/agency needs.

Customization capability may be included to meet agency protocol and needs.

Emergency Vehicles

  • #2 Cause of firefighter fatalities and injuries
  • #1 monetary liability for EMS

Motoring Public Concerns

  • Traffic flow.
  • Built-in vehicle distracters.
  • Increased vehicle insulation.
  • Increased green house gases


  • Leverage GPS technology
  • Coordination across emergency organizations
  • Alert the public in vicinity, as appropriate
  • Agency and User controls
  • Patent pending: 911ETA.com